[LMB] Replicators was: A question about Barrayar

Natali natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Wed Nov 3 22:06:39 GMT 2010

On Wednesday, November 03, 2010 8:19 AM mtraber251 wrote:

>I find the reception of replicators baffling myself. I would *think* 
>that anything to make reproduction easier and safer should get a great 
>reception. Especially if you combine it with DNA screening to eliminate 
>any birth defects and really nasty recessives that can pop up randomly 
>in people. [Referring to current terrestrial matters though it does also 
>go for Barrayar and it's history of mutie-fears.]
>On a message board I hang out upon there is currently a discussion going 
>on about how strongly reproductive anxiety is in people [particularly 
>women] and how couples will almost beggar themselves with various 
>treatments to get pregnant. Obviously when 'maternal instinct' was 
>handed out I was hiding behind the door =] I couldn't care less about 
>popping out a sprog, the inability to pop out a sprog has never bothered 
>me, and all the yucky bits about reproduction could have been very 
>happily removed surgically at menarch as far as I am concerned. Getting 
>knocked up was never a problem with me, I was doggedly fertile [my issue 
>was actually remaining preggers without being poisoned to death by said 

As I already wrote several times (at least several
times, I'm sure), I have three children, but if 
I have been born just 50 years earlier, I would
probably not survive the first delivery (or any
of them, but after the first occasion, the others
would not be an issue, so...), because I am
not able to give birth without chemical help
(let's skip the gruesome details). So, I am all
for *anything* that would make reproduction safer 
and easier, especially because I have a daughter

Pregnancy itself was great for me because I had not
One of the usual (or unusual) difficulties, and I 
could shamelessly eat as much as I wanted of whatever
I wanted *g
But I did not experience any supernatural
connection with life growing inside my body. 
The connection with the child is built by years
of upbringing and caring, IMHO. So I do not see
what is the big fuss about "the incomparable
experience of baring the fetus inside your body".
I don't think I would lose any of the connection
with my children if they were gestated in a device.
It has nothing to do with my perception of myself as
a woman or a mother. 

The vehemence of women on this issue is utterly
incomprehensible for me. I tried to explain why
I feel such inventions should be welcomed, and
got virtually stoned. I cannot understand why
so many women feel that their value as persons
is determined on the amount of suffering in general,
and during reproduction and raising children in
particular. The other issue that pushes my buttons
is the forcing of breast-feeding on women, with the
subtext "you do not deserve to be a mother, or even
to be called a human being, if you do not breast-feed 
your babe, you lazy, sloppy b*tch, you".

To get back on topic, Tien p*ssed me of particularly
because he insisted that Ekaterin should go through a 
bodily pregnancy as a proof of love and devotion (!),
while UR's were already available on Barrayar.
Mark had a perfect idea about what to do with bearers
of such ideas: "Some barbarian needed his head stuck 
in a bucket of ice water, if so. And held under for 
a good long time, like till he stopped wriggling."
As Lady Gelle said to Lord Yenaro: "All births are 

Before my first childbirth, if UR's were available,
I would probably be curious enough to try the bodily 
option, but for later I would always choose an UR.


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