[LMB] Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 66, Issue 33 "I think you may have just articulated why I don't like Mark."

Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Wed Nov 3 22:15:54 GMT 2010

Leanne Martin wrote: 

> G'day Howard et al,
> I think it is possible that Lois also created (perhaps
> subconsciously) Mark so 
> that we could have a 'negative Miles' that we could
> dislike...
> Cheers,
> Leanne.

Huh, that's interesting. But in that case, it failed miserably when it came to this reader, who admittedly hasn't finished Cryoburn yet. I like Mark quite a bit more than I like Miles (however, I like Miles an awful lot!). I can see why Miles is better at being the central character for the series as a whole and most of the individual books, but for some reason Mark just grabs me more. 
(And I don't really go for the "darker & edgier" type of character in pop culture in general, so it's not that...)



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