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> On Nov 3, 2010, at 8:50 AM, Paula Lieberman wrote:
>> Iceland it gets even scarier--some friends of mine went on a trip there. 
>> One of them got off the plane and as soon as he said a word, an Icelander 
>> seeing and hearing him start speaking, identified the exact village the 
>> friend's father was from, with no prior knowledge of the friend!
> What language was said friend using? If Icelandic, the accents must be 
> very specific!

Iceland has spent of the past millennium practicing endogamy and genetically 
Icelanders are like Icelanders and each area apparently the people LOOK like 
they're from that area..and have particular types of speech patterns, too, 
which seem to literally be organic, rtaher than nurture/environmental....

It's sort of like in These Old Shades, where the Duke of Avon immediately 
recognized '"Leon" Bonnard' as the legitimate switched-at-birth child of the 
Comte de St-Vire, with the "son" of the comte actually being born a Bonnard 
not a St-Vire--among other thing, the "son" lacked the looks of the St Vire 
family, and "Leon" had the looks of the St-Vires.

One of my mother's cousins went to London to a store owned by cousins of his 
he'd never met  He went into the store and asked for one of them, and the 
store clerk started -laughing-.  The reason for the laughter was immediately 
apparent as soon an the British cousin came out from the back rooms 
area--the two cousins except for height looked almost like identical 

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