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Thu Nov 4 02:38:42 GMT 2010

Paula Lieberman wrote:
> .
> One of my mother's cousins went to London to a store owned by cousins 
> of his he'd never met  He went into the store and asked for one of 
> them, and the store clerk started -laughing-.  The reason for the 
> laughter was immediately apparent as soon an the British cousin came 
> out from the back rooms area--the two cousins except for height looked 
> almost like identical twins....
My family is very like that. Of the various offspring on the paternal side:
George lineage [George M Senior, George M Junior and George M Third, 
Bill and John]
We will have blue eyed brunettes and brown eyed blonds.

I am blue eyed brunette, my brother is brown eyed blond [George]
Cousin Peter blue eyes, brunette. Heather brown eyed blond [Bill]
Cousin Lori blue eyed brunette, Heidi brown eyed blond. [John]

There is a christmas picture of my cousin Lori and I sitting under the 
tree. We are identical twins. We also look exactly like Peter. My 
brother, Heather and Heidi look like good little german clones [but with 
brown eyes instead of good aryan blue =)]

Raymond lineage [George M senior, Raymond, Peter]
Kim, Jeff, Andy, Sara - blue eyes and brunette [Peter]
Kevin, John and Patty - brown eyes, blond. [Peter]
[family joke about getting stuck on the verse about being fruitful and 

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