[LMB] : Uterine Replicators

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Thu Nov 4 05:17:17 GMT 2010

At 01:59 PM 11/4/2010, mtraber251 wrote:
Part of being a responsible adult is in realizing ones limits. 
Unfortunately part of modern society is a combination of extended 
enforced childhood combined with entitlement. People are not being 
raised with the concept of chores and responsibilities for the most 
part. They are not being raised with discipline, and it shows. There 
is an entire message board that I hang out on called 
CustomersSuck.com. You would not believe the threads on every day 
crap that goes on - how crudily people are treating the people that 
serve them in stores, restaurants, offices ... or how rude and 
indisciplined kids are, or people are. Scam artists, liers, cheats.

If you are on LiveJournal, you can find a Customors Suck community 
there as well. Also there is a child-free community (CF_Hardcore) 
that may provide a place to vent when it gets too much.


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