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mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 4 08:46:55 GMT 2010

Gwynne Powell wrote:
>> At 01:59 PM 11/4/2010, mtraber251 wrote:
>> . There 
>> is an entire message board that I hang out on called 
>> CustomersSuck.com. You would not believe the threads on every day 
>> crap that goes on - how crudily people are treating the people that 
>> serve them in stores, restaurants, offices ... or how rude and 
>> indisciplined kids are, or people are. Scam artists, liers, cheats.
>> If you are on LiveJournal, you can find a Customors Suck community 
>> there as well. Also there is a child-free community (CF_Hardcore) 
>> that may provide a place to vent when it gets too much.
>> Iestyn 
> This post should carry a warning. I went to that site, and read two of 
> the posts, and my blood pressure SOARED.  That site is a health hazard!
> Gwynne
And it is not a new board... it is amazing the complete and utter shite 
that people do towards service people. Literally so many people have no 
shame, no conscience. They scam, they cheat, they lie, they use 
invective to get what they feel entitled to.

At least not everybody in the world is bad, but if I were the Evil 
Overlord of the Universe, there are lots of heads that would roll.

To touch on american culture, not politics -

What we actually need right now is a despot. We need to force american 
business to change. The executives need to make more sensible wages and 
compensation. You can not tell me that some schlub who went to Wharton 
is worth $100 million US a year. I really can not see why any executive 
could possibly be worth more than $5 million a year. Companies should 
not put the interests [and profits] of the stockholders first. The main 
reason that offshoring is happening is to eke out more profits for the 
stockholders and executives.  We need to keep jobs in country because 
sure as Jebus made little green apples we certainly do not have any 
spiffy new tech coming up to provide new jobs. Economists have theur 
heads firmly up their rumps when they liken it to the change over to the 
Auto. Certainly buggy makers got new jobs making cars, but we dont have 
any new tech to change over to and we can not all live on mcjobs. We 
need stores to grow spines and tell entitlement wh*re customers *no* 
instead of bowing down to every little whinge they make to get what they 
want - it raises the cost of living for us peaceful folk that don't try 
to extract every penny out of the world by lying, cheating and outright 
stealing. And the ultimate unfair? Rob and I bought a house we could 
afford on a single military salary. We have made every payment for the 
past 20 years. We pay our bills, and have no credit cards. Asshats who 
buy mcmansions, get every piece of plastic available and spend more than 
they earn get bailed out, we get nothing for being honest and living 
within our means. Something is drastically wrong.

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