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"Is it possible that Lord Vorkosigan is 
sleeping with Taura, and Admiral Naismith is sleeping with Elli?"  

That's a very, very interesting question, but I think the answer to that is
no, at least as far as Miles' conscious mind is concerned.  Somewhere in
Memory Miles notes that Lord Vorkosigan has no love life whatsoever-
Niasmith has stolen it all.  Furthermore, it is Quinn, not Taura, that he
repeatedly tries to convince to become Lady Vorkosigan.  Of course, that is
probably because Taura is enough of a romantic to say "yes", and then the
shit would really hit the fan, to the tune of mobs coming out of the
backcountry with pitchforks and torches to kill the mutant count and his
even more mutant countess. I think that Miles is ashamed of his love for
Taura because:
	a. It's cheating on Quinn, in his mind, even though it's Taura that
by rights has dibs on him.
	b. Subconscious Barryaran anti-mutant prejudice.  

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> Lots of convolutions in her life. And his. And many others. But that isn't
answer my question: why did Miles feel... whatever it was... ashamed of his
love for Taura? Why shouldn't he be sleeping with her?
> I wondered it it was the 'sleeping with a superior officer' thing that
bothered him.
> Then I wondered if it was a trace of his mother's religion.

> namaste,
> elizabeth
I agree, I think there's a lot of complications about fraternisation, and
 Elli outranking Taura while both women sleep with the same man - the same 
superior officer - it's incredibly complicated all round.  I'm sure Miles
make some kind of justification that he was being kind to both of them by 
not putting them in a stressful situation (and equally sure that both women 
would pound him into the floor for that).
There's also a question of exactly who is sleeping with Taura - he only has 
his little episodes with her when she's bodyguarding him, as he goes back 
and forth from one life to another - is it possible that Lord Vorkosigan is 
sleeping with Taura, and Admiral Naismith is sleeping with Elli?
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