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> Ivan, of course.  Especially as he's gotten older and
> I don't want to slap him quite so much. I cannot wait to
> read his book.  He better not sidle out of this one!

I never did want to slap Ivan; he was initially insignificant. Then I got 
to know him better, and wanted to slap Aral and Cordelia for the way they 
treated him and talked about him.



JRJ - NEW> Yes, it does seem to be an anomaly - that such otherwise 
considerate people should speak about Ivan that way.  Very damaging for a 
child, not least in that other children would reflect that.  IMHO, we seem 
to be witnessing a very-long-drawn-out "better idea" on the part of the 
writer.  Want want want Ivan's book.

Entwife Judy

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