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> BTW, the rise and fall of the MPE shows that Ezar was a monarchist, 
> not a fascist.  Had he been a fascist, he would not have abhorred the 
> Ministry and its "new men," and he would not have had to cook up his 
> elaborate scheme to get rid of it along with Serg.  He just would have 
> had them all shot!
> (See, e.g.,  "The Night of the Long Knives.")
He did, he just arranged it so the other side did the dirty work. If Ezar'd abhorred the Ministry, it wouldn't have been so strong by the time of his death. If he'd considered Serg worthy, it'd have survived under Serg's thumb.

You do realize that while the Night of the Long Knives wasn't particularly
-subtle- in execution, there was a cover story, etc. Von Schleicher and R?hm supposedly plotting 'treason' together...

Ezar just had better cover stories. His hand behind it still, though.



And that's precisely the difference!

Mitch Miller

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