[LMB] Now: Night of the Long Knives was A question about Barrayar

Johnson, Ron Ron.Johnson at NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca
Thu Nov 4 19:35:37 GMT 2010

From: Mitch Miller <mitchmiller at entertainmenttax.com>

> You do realize that while the Night of the Long Knives wasn't
> -subtle- in execution, there was a cover story, etc. Von Schleicher
and Rohm 
> supposedly plotting 'treason' together...

There was an overall cover story, but there were plenty of
"as long as you're up" (By that I mean there was a chance to settle some

old scores while so many murders were going on) murders which really 
couldn't survive a closer look. Gustav Ritter von Kahr (the guy who
the Beer Hall Putsch), various followers of Papen.

Plus a few accidents and mistakes. Von Schleicher's wife and a 
music critic for instance.

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