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Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Thu Nov 4 19:56:18 GMT 2010

I wondered why Miles felt shame regarding his love for Taura and Whit Johnstone <whitinohio at gmail.com> wrote:

> Like I said earlier, internalized anti-mutant prejudice.  Just like gay
> people today sometimes internalize homophobia even when
> they're outwardly OK with their sexuality.  

That fits - especially with Miles' feelings that he isn't a mutant and therefore shouldn't be judged as one. (Or, by extension, keep company with one.)

I'm not sure how he squares that with his conscious mind, though. Maybe he doesn't. Or maybe it goes under an umbrella guilt-label of "if I love Elli so much I shouldn't be touching Taura or anyone else".  

Either way, it seems to me, Taura is the loser for it. But she copes well, and values what she gets, and that's endearing.  So much more than she had.

> Basically, doing anything with Sgt. Taura is
> "unnatural" by Barryaran standards - mutants are by
> definition supposed to be unattractive.  Think about how creeped 
> out Ekartien is about her initial
> attraction to Miles, and how her relitives boggle when she
> describes him as "a very attractive man".     

Good points.

This would also match his attraction/avoidance reactions to Bel, and his breathless attraction to the beautiful Haut.

This would also explain his desire to beautify Elli - make her not just normal but optimal.  Very much not a mutant.


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