[LMB] Ivan (was the ten best Bujold characters)

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> Me:
> Hmm, I can understand this viewpoint, but I don't think I buy it. I get the
> impression that Ivan was a really obnoxious, nasty kid (and not just from
> what Elena has said). Perhaps because he grew up without a father and with a
> mother who pampered him - he certainly doesn't see Aral as a father figure
> at all iirc, (and I doubt Bothari paid him any attention), so there was no
> obvious 'good male role model' to straighten him out.

Oversexed and undercontrolled a bit... but I'm guessing he just
followed through on quite a few people's desires. Perhaps being "Lord
of the manor" (with more willing females around) made him think that
this was an acceptable technique.

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