[LMB] Winterfair Gifts

Natali natali.vilic at zd.t-com.hr
Thu Nov 4 23:03:24 GMT 2010

On Thursday, November 04, 2010 1:13 AM Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>But that isn't answer my question: why did Miles feel... 
>whatever it was... ashamed of his love for Taura?  Why shouldn't 
>he be sleeping with her?
>I wondered it it was the 'sleeping with a superior officer' 
>thing that bothered him.
>Then I wondered if it was a trace of his mother's religion.

Miles reasons that they would be mocked, if him and Taura 
would show as a pair in public. Considering his physical 
appearance, he assumed being mocked also in BiA, and in MD, 
when he was with Elli outside of the Dendariis.
So this argument does not hold. 
Elli was good enough to show, Taura was not?
If he was not able to admit their involvement, he should
not have been maintaining it.


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