[LMB] Why "that idiot Ivan"?

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Fri Nov 5 14:26:16 GMT 2010

I said:

> > Yes. But poor Ivan.  I think he played up to the
> 'idiot' designation because it was a safe place to hide,
> but... the cost was fairly high.

Howard asks: 
> What was the cost?

The love and respect of his family, especially that of Aral and Cordelia.  Being typecast as 'that idiot' and discounted.  

Being told what to do fairly constantly because he wasn't expected to think for himself, making avoidance strategies all the more necessary.  

Not having a voice that would be listened to.  (Miles listens to Elena and Gregor in a way he doesn't listen to Ivan.)

Being denied the kind of unconditional acceptance that is given to Mark (though I think in fact he *has* that kind of acceptance, or would have if push came to shove, there's just no sign of it because no one has felt the need). 

Being depended on without being able to depend on another family member (or at least, feeling denied the opportunity to try).  

Being treated more like a servant than a family member. (Elena seems less of a servant and more of a family member.)


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