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Fri Nov 5 18:59:20 GMT 2010

Gwynne wrote:

As for his refusal to marry - ALL the Vorkosigan-connected males held out
for the
right person to come along. Aral was 45, Gregor 35 and under enormous
to marry, Miles was 30 (and he did EVERYTHING at breakneck speed otherwise.)
Illyan was in his 60's. So Ivan's long, lonely wait for the right one to
come along
isn't unusual, yet they all see him as refusing to marry, where everyone
else was
waiting for the right one.


Aral married young, and disastrously, the first time. I believe it was a
family-arranged marriage.
Padma and Alys must have been married fairly young I think, and I supect
that wasn't a match made in heaven... he was "that idiot Padma", after all.
Miles didn't hold out for the right one to come along, he was turned down
flatly by his other choices. He'd have married Elena at the age of 17 if
she'd been crazy or desperate enough to say yes. He'd have married Elli if
she'd said yes, too.
Ivan's been very happy playing the field, until he realises that the field's
getting rather sparse, and that the ones he should have paid more attention
to sooner, have found other partners.


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