Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Fri Nov 5 23:26:34 GMT 2010

On 2010-11-05 3:49 PM, Pat Mathews wrote:
> If I had my way, whenever I sorted my emails by date one way or the other, they would remain sorted by date until I chose to change them back. Going through a long list of emails is a pain when the only default offered (in Firefox/hotmail) is newest-one-first.


It might work better if you had an e-mail program on your computer that 
went and got your mail then showed it to you at your leisure.  I'm 
typing this on Thunderbird, a free e-mail program that's quite nice.

I know it works with some free mail systems, like gmail.  I don't know 
about hotmail.

> If I had my way, every program on this blasted computer would have a well-publicized way to contact (1) a human being (2) who spoke English and has the answers ready, (3) without going through a long and boring voice mail tree.

If there is no phone tree, then a big company must publish a list with 
dozens or maybe hundreds of products.  Then you'll have to hunt through 
the list yourself.  Not much better, I think.

Then there was a time I was doing support for a company's TVs and VCRs 
and someone called to get parts for their nuclear reactor.  I *did* find 
the correct department in our on-line resources and directed them to the 
correct place.

> Of course, if I had my way, the cats wouldn't try to crawl all over the computer when I was on it, and Spot wouldn't decorate every flat vertical surface in the house with his graffit-pee.

Our cat responds well to bad cat words.  MEEOOOOOWWWW (spoken harshly) 
and HHSSSSSSSS.  She backs off from her crime and yet doesn't hold it 
against me moments later.  As for Spot, others might have help.  Good luck.


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