[LMB] The Harrowing Harem (Miles and his women)

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 5 23:54:36 GMT 2010

A comment on the Elli/Taura question and on Miles and his women in general:
After Miles dies, and is lost, the harrowing harem gather to go and find him. They're
all very clear in their devotion to Miles.  Elli surely gets some idea that she's not the 
one and only.  Elena is clear in her devotion to her husband, Bel is widely known to 
have tried and failed... then there's Taura.
Elli must have had some suspicions, or she wouldn't have asked Miles whether he'd
stayed faithful or not.  But she didn't ask till the relationship was over, and she apparently
didn't ask the other possible partners.  So how badly did she want to know - the 
question is almost asked idly, and doesn't get a big reaction from her.  She says
with an air of triumph or mocking virtue that SHE was good, but I don't get a feeling
of serious hurt about his confession.  It's as if she just wants confirmation and closure.
Miles isn't worried that she'd take any kind of revenge on Taura, even though Elli
will now be running the fleet.  And Elli has no problems in expressing herself freely 
when she wants to.  So while we're all agonising over this, how much did the ones
who were closely involved actually care about it all?
As for Taura, she's delighted when she gets time with Miles, and always has some 
special sexy outfit, so for her it's a big deal to be with him. She doesn't demand any 
more than that, she doesn't seem to expect it. I'd hate to think that she doesn't feel
she has a right to more than that because of her genetics, but it may be a factor.

Taura also deliberately lives in the now, since it's just about all she'll have.  She doesn't
make waves or demands, just glories in what she can have.
Dammit, the more we talk about this the more I get a bit cheesed off at Miles for treating 
Taura as his bit on the side.
...if he'd gone public it would have put the women in a really difficult position both 
because of their ranks and because of the pressure of having everyone in the fleet 
gossiping about them.  There's some comment that Elli is rumoured to have slept her
way to the top.  Imagine the gossip about an Elli/Miles/Taura triangle.  On the other
hand, because of the general unfairness of life, Miles would probably have gained 
kudos for bedding two of the most amazing women in his fleet.
And as well as being amazing women, they're both armed and deadly.  So stray comments
could have led to some serious mayhem.
Still, I have to agree with the general view - the self-centred little egomaniac could and 
should have handled it better.  At least Ivan does them one at a time.

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