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>> but it does make me wonder about the higher echelons of Komarrian
>> government. We know there are oligarchs with voting shares, but is there a
>> Viceroy of Komarr that the oligarchs answer to, who might have some sort of
>> veto power? Or is Komarr basically self-ruling except that taxes roll up to
>> Gregor? Who presents him with the ceremonial purse on the Emperor's
>> Birthday?
> I got the impression that if it happens ON the planet, the Barryarans let
> the Komarrans run it.  If it happens OVER the planet, the Barryarans are in
> control. Although everyone knows that if the Barryarans wanted to intervene
> in anything going on planetside, they could and would.  Hence Mile's
> authority as an Auditor was just as strong, and ImpSec had local offices.
> Janet in TN
I wouldn't put it that far. The "traditional sector control" is still in
place, but that's really city/state-level stuff. I bet Komarr-wide stuff,
the stuff that was handled by the folks massacred in the Komarr Massacre, is
fully under the thumb of the Viceroy/Imperial Counselor. Especially taxes...
else, they'd hardly need to beg to get their mirror fixed.


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