[LMB] OT: explanation of statement

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Sun Nov 7 23:52:13 GMT 2010

On Nov 7, 2010, at 3:28 PM, Peter Granzeau wrote:

> At 09:09 AM 11/6/2010, Katherine Collett wrote:
>> On Nov 6, 2010, at 9:59 AM, Jim Parish wrote:
>>> Saying "Francisco is the barber in a certain village, 
>>> and he shaves all and only the men in the village who do not shave themselves" blocks 
>>> both approaches, and can only be handled by declaring the assertion self-contradictory.
>> He's a eunuch with no need to shave?  
> Usually, the statement is given as an apparent paradox with a non-obvious solution, such as, "There is a town whose barber shaves all and only the men in the town who do not shave themselves."  The non-obvious answer is that the barber is a woman.

And every time we come up with a solution, the person saying it modifies it.   Such as not saying "all and only" the first time.

Still, with all the caveats correctly, it isn't an interesting paradox, only a puzzle with no solution.

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