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> Since we've just about done speculating on Ivan's love life, I've been 
> thinking
> about others.  Especially Gregor.

Information about Ivan's sex life and attitudes in such made Ivan repulsive 
to me.

> Apologies if this has been discussed before.  But ... I love Gregor just 
> as much
> as Ivan.  And love speculating about him.
> Now, we know Gregor had that spectacular two-handed fling with Cavillo. 
> And
> now he's very happily married to Laisa.
> But... is that ALL the poor guy's had? In other words, I've been rather 
> wondering
> about poor lonely Gregor and his extracurricular activities.

TMI department from my point of view.  Barrayaran double standards already 
have long annoyed me....

Are you also interested in Laisa's extracurricular sex antics, or 
Ekaterin's?  Or do you want that it's sauce for the gander but banned for 
the goose?

> Although, if you think about it, since breeding is one of his duties, 
> possibly
> ensuring that the emperor knows which way is up when engaged in the 
> congress
> of the leaping antelope could be important for the future of the Imperium, 
> so it's
> actually a curricular activity.  Perhaps Cordelia gave him some 
> Betan-style talks.
> Probably with vids.
> Apart from that, what did he do when he wanted a spot of rumpy-pumpy? I'm
> sure he didn't fool around with Vor maidens, there were far too many 
> hopeful
> matchmaking mothers out there, each one just waiting for him to pick her
> precious Vor bud. So did his armsmen smuggle some professional ladies in 
> now
> and then?  Did the maids do extra duties (I can't see Gregor putting the 
> hard
> word on the maids.  He's too careful and controlled for that.)
> Surely he had to do SOMETHING for fun? I can't find ANY sort of comments 
> or
> hints about it, though I have a vague memory of Miles making some kind of
> comment once, but I can't begin to find it.
> Speculations, anyone?

TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ivan with the servants and the way he 
behaved insulting Elli pre-surgery and then casually hitting on her later, 
without  a clue and not interested in one regarding his hypocrisy going from 
"Euw! Euw!" to "Let's get hot and heavy!" was repulsive, I don't want to 
hear if Gregor were the same sort of scum.

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