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>> Are you also interested in Laisa's extracurricular sex antics, or
>> Ekaterin's?  Or do you want that it's sauce for the gander but banned for
>> the goose?
> No doubt in my mind Ekaterin was a virgin when she married Tien, Equally
> certain Laisa was not a virgin when she met Gregor.  Has equality been
> restored to your satisfaction?

I really can't see Gregor "doing it" very much prior to marriage at all.

His sense of honor (and recognition of his position) would prevent him
from sleeping with anyone he didn't at least consider a possible
Empress (since that might give her unfair hope... and a  scandal upon
the breakup), other than Cavilo, which was straight counter-deception,
and since until Laisa he had not met such a person... well, I made it
to my wedding bed at age 34 11/12ths without any notable prior sexual
gymnastics, no reason Gregor couldn't have as well.

One thing Gregor seems to prize above all else (until Laisa showed up)
was his privacy. Providing the opportunity for a bunch of Courtesans
to gossip about how good you were in bed would seem to run counter to
his normal behavior.

Jeff Shultz
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