[LMB] Gregor having fun

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 11 19:33:05 GMT 2010

I'm thinking of things in the do-it-yourself category for hobbies. A collection of modern art sounds good-its something that's not duplicated up in the attic, like a collection of snuffboxes or whatever.  Collecting coins or stamps(ARE there still stamps?) might be a bit narcissistic. So many of them will have his picture.  The only thing is, with an art collection, I doubt he can go out cruising  galleries and openings or attending auctions. He'd have to do his looking or bidding online, from his desk.  A messy sort of hobby would at least get him out of the office, even if the workroom is just in another wing of the residence.

> Kevin Kennedy wrote, among other things:
> > There's probably _something_ he does just for fun, we just
> > don't see it. Woodcarving? Raising butterflies?
> There is a chance he is interested in modern art - I remember
> a mention of art in his offices "by Barrayaran artists who were
> actually still alive, or something like that.
> Unless he just tells someone "I want something not antique"
> and trusts their tastes.
> Anke
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