[LMB] Elena on Barrayar, was Gregor

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>> Cover stories are often polite fictions which politely get nodded at 
>> while
>> most people realize they are public -excuses- and polite fictions, and in
>> -private- gossip away.....
> Considering Negri was going around forcibly mind-wiping people after
> Escobar, I'm not sure the gossip would be as front and center as all that.
> In an environment where the consequences for gossiping are that drastic,
> gossip gets muted a bit. And it's twenty years later, after all.

Bothari had been Vorrutyer's toy \before the Escobar situation, though.

Bear Master's comment about Bothari's believing his own cover story, 
involved someone who was delusional.  The information about Bothari as 
Vorrutyer's toy, I expect was very widespread.  Militaries have -lots- of 
gossip, and the gossipping trying to avoid those considered snitches.... 
And ships in space probably would be like small towns, everyone knows what 
everyone else is doing....  I spent a year at the template for the base 
Miles got exiled to for weeks, and everyone knew what everyone else 
doing..... as there was more space -there- than on a Barrayaran military 

Aral's nickname was off Barrayar.  Probably the Barrarayaran military 
grapevine had the information that the masacre of Komarr was -not- Aral's 

> Of course, there's also that rumor that Elena was Cordelia's and/or
> Aral's...
> -Tel

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