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Mon Nov 15 17:11:16 GMT 2010

--- On Mon, 11/15/10, Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:

> What happens when a politician's policies creates a war
> that kills a hundred thousand innocent
> people?   Is such a politician a sociopathic
> killer?    History is full of examples of
> this.    Or is it different when the killing is by
> proxy?

I'm not sure what you are asking.  Are you asking if killing vast numbers of people is wrong?  I certainly think so - but then, I'm a pacifist, so I'm intolerant of such things in general. I think all killing is wrong, unless for food.  

Are you asking for a definition of the word 'sociopath'?  

so·ci·o·path  (ss--pth, -sh-) n.
One who is affected with a personality disorder marked by antisocial behavior.

Also:  (Psychiatry) another name for psychopath


–noun Psychiatry . a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Pick your preferred definition - where would you draw the line?


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