[LMB] English Royalty was Gregor's older brother?

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 17 16:43:38 GMT 2010

Meg Justus wrote
> Marian:
> > P.S. Royal Wedding! Are we all excited! I know *I* am! I love a good bit
> > of
> > British pomp and circumstance!
> I don't know.  All I could think about was poor Gregor and Laisa and all
> the
> hoops *they* had to jump through, and that had me feeling kind of sorry
> for
> William and Kate, who aren't fictional characters, but are going to have
> to
> go through this for real.
> Someone onlist just spelled her full name as Catherine.  So is she Cate or
> Kate, or Catherine or Katherine (or one of the gazillion other
> variations)?
> Megaera
> who hopes she has better luck marrying royalty than Diana did

Well, that cuts both ways - I always felt really sorry for Charles for
having been pressured into a totally unsuitable marriage for dynastic
reasons.  He's quite a serious, studious type, into classical music,
architecture and so on - and she was basically into herself, discos, colonic
irrigation and charity work.  They just weren't in any shape or form
compatible.  And there were no innocent parties involved - does anyone
actually think that Harry is Charles' son?  There seems to be a general
agreement to be kind to Harry and Not Mention the Elephant, but.....
I get quite prickly about that one - I was really unhappy about Diana from
the get-go.  The Royal family aren't over-endowed with smarts in the first
place, and diluting the gene pool further didn't seem like a good idea at

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