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I don't  remember that part.  But I do remember that Betazoid's don't have to worry about spending money on a bridal dress or tuxedo -- nor do the wedding guests.  Hopefully, the wedding venue is well heated.
On one TNG, Deanna Troi's mother, who is full Betazoid, has contracted a marriage to a non-Betazoid that she wants to get out of.  So she walks down the aisle in true Betazoid fashion knowing  that it would cause the very conservative groom to back out.

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does anyone remember the spinoff trek novel Imzadi. One of the rituals troi
inflicted on Ryker during their first courtship was that the two intended
had to hold one another naked for one hour without sexual contact. When
ryker later mentions this to another betazoid, said other betazoid said
puzzledly, "THAT's not a betazoid wedding custom at all!"

heh heh heh

Trekaddict Royce

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I'm trying very hard to keep in mind: Betan, not Betazoid.
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