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>> At the very least she had her uniform and the dress she
>> bought in Vorbarr
>> Sultana. Knowing Cordelia's lack of interest in clothes, I
>> don't think she'd
>> worry about getting some special outfit.
>> Knowing Aral's tastes, I'm sure he'd be happy if she wore
>> her uniform.
> Another issue is that Aral was a Count's heir at the time, and that 
> Cordelia was hoping to be the mother of his children, particularly his 
> future heir.
> So might there have been issues that would have mandated a more public 
> wedding, even if Aral and Cordelia would have been happy to have nothing 
> more than two witnesses at the registrar's office, or the Barrayan 
> equivalent?

If legal record and the minimum number of required witnesses are the only 
requirements for marriage, it doesn't -matter- what the society gossips' 
opinion/sour grapes as not being present is/are.

> Consider that Miles considered his wedding to Ekatrine, with around 200 
> guests, to be small, suitable for a widow still in mourning for her first 
> husband.  Being high-Vor, or really at the top of any aristocracy, the 
> social-political implications of a wedding are significant enough that 
> even small ceremonies become big by normal standards.

Miles didn't have any noxious scandals in his past on Barrayar, and wasn't 
marrying a former senior foreign officer who had been an -enemy- combatant 
and then a prisoner.

> There are other Counts who would be Officially Offended if they weren't 
> invited to Aral's wedding.

If  no count except the groom's father was present they had no basis for 
claiming discrimination about them and being left out.  "It was small and 
private, and in keeping with Lord Vorkosigan's temporary withdrawal from 
public life, for recharging...."

>  You also don't want any rumors floating that the wedding was less than 
> official, less than fully recognized.  You need witnesses, and not just 
> any witness, but witnesses with the correct social and political rank to 
> be able to stand up to anyone who would find benefit in questioning the 
> legitimacy of Aral's marriage and heirs.

 There are scenes in some books, both SF/F and Regencies, of characters 
going to religious edificies and/or civil factilities, whichever have have 
marriage records in them, to look for evidence of a marriage if there is any 
to be found....

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