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Did _anyone_ on this list (excepting Our Author)
>ever use the word "belike" before reading Bujold?

Yes, thanks to Heyer. There's a line in Devil's Cub where one character, the
redoubtable rollicking Rupert, asks another, the divine Dominic, for a
reminder of when he said he'd repay his debt to him.
"Judgement Day, belike", said his undutiful nephew.

I don't think I've ever used it in spoken conversation though. Written only.

John: It's in Shakespeare quite often (43 times, Spevack's Concordance tells
me), so one hears it in performance.

"Belike your lordship takes us then for fools" -- I Henry VI, 3.2.61.

Aral's and Miles's typically terminal use may be influenced by Heyer's,

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