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> Margaret  said:
> > Hmm, there aren't many dimunitive names in the Nexus, are there?  Ivan
> gets
> > called Ivan, Miles gets called Miles, Cordelia gets called  Cordelia,
> Aral
> > gets called Aral, et.!
> Actually, it's  interesting that you mention that. It's evidently one
> Russian habit that  didn't hang on through the Time of Isolation, since
> diminutives are pretty  prevalent in Russia, even extending to use by the
> populace
> when referring to  politicians. You can't walk there without tripping over
> a
> Misha or  Sasha.
> t'other Anne
> M:
> Well, there were Drou and Kou, Delia, which I suppose was short for
> Cordelia, and wasn't Ekaterin's father called Sasha?  Probably others I
>  don't
> remember, too.
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It's also possible that, for example, Aral's mother and siblings had a
diminutive for him which no one else used, and which Cordelia doesn't know,
and that Alys did call Ivan Vasha, it was just a baby-name, and she only
used it when he was small, and then in private, private quite concievably
not including Miles.

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