[LMB] OT: why learn Latin and Greek?

Trialia Xua trialia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 11:48:52 BST 2010

Ross Ashley <redlion at sff.net> wrote:

> >'At's nae English, it's braw Scots. (Or Lallans, if ye're a Clydeside
> Red.) A had a receivin' manager once, wha was braught up i' the Gorbals.

"'At's" really bloody awful, actually. Sorry. None of my Glaswegian friends
ever sounded like THAT. Not even the one I always had to ask to repeat
himself at least once, and I dated a Paisley-ite for three years, so I have
a fair few friends from round there. Though I must admit that I always hate
seeing people attempt to write down accents. They wouldn't write their
accent that way, so why should you?


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