[LMB] : AKICOT:L Latin help, please

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Thu Sep 2 16:49:51 BST 2010

At 07:07 AM 9/2/2010, Anke Wehner wrote:
>> > Knowing nil about Latin, doesn't aspera mean hope?
> > aspera, a plural form (Accusative?) of asperum... 1. an uneven, rough, harsh place or landscape 2. (especially plural) adversity, difficulties Hope, the noun, is "spes". "Aspira" is a form of aspīrō, a verb that literally means "to breathe on", but also, well, "to aspire to". I'd go witht he "difficulties". Anke 

To hope and to aspire as so damn close as to give rise to my supposition.  Of course, Latin is such a complicated language, that it's nearly impossible to translate.

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