[LMB] Aral's siblings

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>>   Do we have a name for Aral's older brother?  Any clues? Anything at
> all? And was there a sister as well, or am I  imagining that? Do we know
> anything about her? My canon-memory is  failing me today.
> - Philomytha

>Nope, no  name for the brother. Nor for Aral's first wife. Nor his sister.
I'm pretty  sure there was a sister, but I can't recall the reference.
Possibly in  Mirror Dance, when Aral is showing Mark around the  graveyard.

The brother's first name would be the name of Piotr's father.   His middle 
name would be Xav, I believe.  Weren't Padma's mother and  Aral's mother 
both daughters of Prince Xav?

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