[LMB] BD - A Civil Campaign I (Pym)

Nikohl K. nikohl11 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 19:38:00 BST 2010

James M. BRYANT wrote:

Riz found it odd that Pym was quite senior in the
VH security pecking order but was also the driver.

Do remember that the *Count* is entitled to twenty
armsmen, no more. Lord Vorkosigan has none but
must borrow some of the Count's.

There are only three armsmen assigned to Miles.
(Pym, Jankowski and Roic) so they will all draw
driving duties from time to time.

Remember (Winterfair Gifts) that the armsmen
have night patrol duties in Vorkosigan house
so three armsmen are very few for the duties
new: A couple of textev points to add to this. (1) Miles tells Pym that he is to 
drive on all occasions involving Ekaterin, and that he must add consideration 
into his duty roster. The implication is that, for chauffeuring a person of 
supreme importance (i.e., his romantic target), the driver must be a Top Man. I 
think this may have been why Pym was driving in the opening scene as well -- so 
that Ekaterin would see a senior, polished Armsman if she happened to walk out 
to the curb with Miles. (2) We learn in the scene where Ivan meets Dono that the 
senior Armsman usually serves as the Count's personal valet. A propos, does 
anyone else find Szabo wonderful and underrated? Now there's an Armsman who 
enjoys an informal, part-of-the-family relationship with his employer. I 
particularly love his "Don't *do* that in public" response to Dono batting his 
eyes at Ivan!



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