[LMB] Bujold at Audible

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Fri Sep 17 21:17:01 BST 2010

Thanks to everyone who answered about the suitability of Audible. To 
satisfy your curiosity, I chose Barrayar, of course, and The Jennifer 
Morgue, by Charles Stross, as my first two books,

Someone pointed out that the DRM can be defeated by burning CDs, and 
this is even probably legal in US in this instance, since Audible 
themselves tell you to do it.  But it is a lot of work.  My guess is the 
audio is watermarked, so think twice before sharing it.  (Audio 
watermarking is putting identifying characteristics, possibly inaudible, 
into an mp3 or other digital audio file, even a CD.)


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