[LMB] Question for Lois re collections of your shorter items since Borders of Infinity

Ed Burkhead ed at edburkhead.com
Mon Sep 20 22:00:51 BST 2010

  On 2010-09-20 12:47 PM, Jeff Shultz wrote:
> The nice thing about short stories is that they end up in
> anthologies.... and an anthology (don't remember which one) was where
> I first encountered Miles Vorkosigan.... in a Labyrinth.

When I run out of unread book by my favorite authors, I subscribe to the 
SF/Fantasy magazines for a year or three.  This acquaints me with some 
*new* favorite authors.  I spend the next time period reading all of 
their backlists.

This is how I found Lois.

(Anthologies work the same way.)

Ed Burkhead

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