[LMB] BD - A Civil Campaign VII (Richars and Byerly)

John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 19:05:49 BST 2010

Royce: I wonder if Lois was influenced by the arrogance and power of the
in USSR Russia

John: I've always assumed so. The influence is not, of course, as strong or
overt as with the Havenite Commissioners in Weber's Honorverse (where the
conflation of Robespierre, Himmler, and Beria is clear and part of a general
historical strategy), but given the general Russian connections (including
green uniforms) it seems strongly probable. There's a broad Barrayaran
correspondence with the sweep of Russian history, from Ivan through
Catherine to the later Romanovs, but it's as if the early communist period
under Stalin and Beria happened _during_ imperial rule, rather than (as in
Terran history) ending it.

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