[LMB] BD - A Civil Campaign - Roundup

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 07:06:48 BST 2010

Remember, Miles is constantly getting rid of the cats to other people. He even 
asks a conspirator (well, before we know he's a conspirator) ON KOMARR if he 
would like a cat. Miles is a true networker, and I bet all those cats are placed 

(-: Sorry, that's all I have time for on this post -- lots of other good stuff 
here. ACC is my favorite (as I think I've already said half a dozen times this 
month), and I would love to discuss it even longer. Do we have any space between 
DI/Winterfair Gifts left? Maybe we could come back to this post just before the 
official publication of Cryoburn.

(Wish I had time to tackle the color, though. The green with pink roses Vor 
dress still haunts me. I want it, and have tried coming up with my own 



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