[LMB] BD: Hallowed Hunt - Ingrey's kingdom

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 3 04:05:41 BST 2011

I've just finished the reread, and the ending of the Old Weald, 
that long timeless night when Ingrey releases all the spirits, is
even more moving than the first reading.

There's so much there, so many threads spiralling in to this 
conclusion, a victory in the final defeat. So many amazing characters,
so many different kinds of power. It really does go all the way
down, to the centre of it all. 

And I'm left with a few thoughts - First, I'd like to see Fara in
about ten years' time. Breaking the banner may have been her
salvation in the long term, it was when she started to reclaim her
power. Once she's past the grinding misery and horror of her 
marriage she could bounce back as a much stronger woman. 

If Biast has any sense, he'll find jobs at court for Ingrey and Ijada.
A wise king wouldn't want someone with Ingrey's power running
around loose, and besides, Ingrey is one of the few people who 
won't hesitate to tell the king when he's making a mistake. That's 
something a wise king would prize. And if anything happens to Fara, 
they'll need Ingrey close at hand.

I so want to find out how that poor little divine gets on in Jokol's 
lands. And how Jokol's marriage fares with the beautiful (and smart, 
determined and sensible) Breiga. 

I want more.

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