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IIRC, that bluff is not in New Orleans, but in Natchez.


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> I'd be interested in knowing how people's first impressions
> of the book relate to where they come from.*  I spent much
> of my childhood within (strenuous) walking distance of a
> bluff overlooking the Missouri, but Ohio/Oleanna isn't all
> that different from northeastern Kansas.
> I grew up in southern Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. 
> It seemed so familiar that I kept trying to make the settings fit places I know. It was the weird whipsaws, like the bluff by New Orleans, that threw me. I found it odd that the very near-familiarity made it harder at first for me to get into the story. Later that same familiarity increased my fondness for it. Also, I now really want to travel down the Ohio/Mississippi by riverboat someday.
> Claire M.
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