[LMB] BD: Hallowed Hunt - 12, summing up

Tel teldreaming at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 21:43:50 BST 2011

> On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 11:40 PM, Lois McMaster Bujold
> LMB:  Yes, all of them.
> The optical illusion that the gods may be, temporarily, on one "side" or
> another is something like a stopped clock being right twice a day.  In
> pursuit of their goals, the gods' aims may occasionally coincide with that
> of groups of humans, but will pass in and out of same in ways that won't
> seem at all logical to the aforesaid frustrated humans.

This begs the question of 'what does the cult of the gods among the
living have to offer the living', though. I suppose there would be two
strategies for 'playing the odds'  -  the first being to make your
society produce tastier morsels than your competition in hopes that
the gods will smile on it and have it spread (might backfire though),
the second, a la Horseriver, to enforce consequences for turning
against you.

It comes to mind that if the gods take no penalty for intervening in
matters like Holytree, there is no reason for them to cease doing so -
no consequences for doing things that humans would understand as
breaking faith. More, anyone that becomes a part of them will take
part in their future actions along those lines. The risk of humans
finding their behavior unacceptable and rejecting them seems to be the
only potential check on that kind of behavior.

Tel (who wonders what would have happened if the worshipers of the Old
Weald had understood generations in advance that serving/joining the
gods would mean taking part in the destruction of their people)

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