[LMB] BD: TSK: Beguilement: ch. 5 "Confessions"

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 13:28:50 BST 2011

> H> Separate question: why do you think Lois chose to give
> H> her heroine the cutesy, diminutive, appropriate-only-to
> H> -a-youth name "Fawn"?

>> to fit in with the oddball names her brothers had? (especially the twins)

> TZ> Because she's small and shy and wide-eyed?
> Lois?!?  You think that's why *Lois* gave a character a name such as that?  I don't; I think she had specific reason.  I'm curious to know what other readers think Lois' reasons were.

Dag thinks the wide-eyed aspect is apt, himself....  I'd note that her
family has a very diminutive view of her, and not precisely because
she's tiny (more because she lacks that so-desirable Y chromosome and
because she asks questions about all the wrong things).

Names in WGW seem to heavily favor plants and animals.  First names
very much so with farmers, Tent names with Lakewalkers.  (not so much
for first names with Lakewalkers, but it's not unknown even with
them).   As a result, Reed and Rush don't seem that oddball of names
to me....

I don't think I'd be annoyed by Spark, myself -- it's clearly intended
to be admiring.  "Little Spark" OTOH would be annoying, but
fortunately Dag drops the Little after the first day or so.

Karen Hunt

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