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Harimad> 1. Recently-almost-raped Fawn's unease with a stranger sleeping
with her, wrapped around her person.  I don't know if Lakewalkers have rape
survivor training but if he had, I think he would have slept on a separate
tick (Fawn had fixed four, did only one survive?) next to her, tho' still
between her and the door.

Quietann> I think she's badly enough injured -- and badly chilled from blood
loss and being in shock -- that she just may not care that much.  A big,
warm person, who's clearly so strange as to not fit any of her ideas about
how "a man" would act, might not be so scary.  Also, the scene is written
from Dag's POV, and while he does have groundsense, that doesn't mean he
knows what Fawn is thinking.


NEW from JRJ> Two additional thoughts:  one is that Dag was so exhausted
that trying to find someplace else was beyond him, and hadn't Fawn said
that's all there was?  The second is that if this had set up big alarm bells
in her, he would have known, but she was almost out of it herself and
apparently didn't care.  I agree that if it weren't for all this, as a good
habit, it is better to let emotionally afflicted people have some space.

Guess he could have bedded in the barn loft where there was probably some
clean hay or straw, but if I were Fawn with her anticipated nightmares of
the malice, I'd prefer a protector closer than that.  He might have sensed
something like that but more likely he was just too tired to take another

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