[LMB] OT: permutation of dragon, girl, knight, and saving (was Gregor's wife-hunting)

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> Gwynne Powell wrote:
>> And maybe, deep down, Gregor was still hoping for someone
>> special to come along... as, finally, she did, to rescue him.
>> Actually it was a reverse of the damsel in distress trope, the
>> knight in shining armour was Laisa, she even had the white
>> horse, and she rescued Gregor from the dragon. Or Lady Alys,
>> who is even scarier.

Walter Bushell:
> Are there any stories where the knight saves the dragon from the girl?

Closest I've seen in Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett.
A watchman defends a temporarily downed dragon from an angry mob. (He
had just arrested the dragon, and we can't be having with prisoners
getting lynched, can we.) -- "knight" saves [not a girl] from dragon
And, well, that dragon (which is threatening the city) is female, and
the one who saves the day is another dragon. -- dragon saves [not a
knight] from girl.

I posed the question on Twitter
semanticist linked to a single comic strip: http://brunostrip.com/wp/?p=973
hairyhatfield mentioned Not Ordinarily Borrowable ("the girl saves the
dragon from the knight, sort of")

And a handful of people saying something like "I don't know, but I'd read that".


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