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> I think the Lakewalkers have a pretty good idea about what the 
> programming is like (eat ground, enslave people, build an army, get 
> ready to fight... another king/malice?) based on the original one, 
> which nearly ate the world. Other malices are only smaller slightly 
> distorted copies (a mirror broken into thousands of shard was the analogy,
> And I strongly doubt any scientist would even think about running such 
> an experience. Since there is little use to the knowledge it would 
> bring, and the cost -- devastated land, and since malices need to eat 
> people to evolve "properly", a few human sacrifices thrown in -- would 
> probably be deemed too much by 99.9999% or rational humans, farmers or 
> Lakewalkers.

Based on my firsthand knowledge of scientists, I would define them as people
who say, "I wonder what happens if you press THIS button....oops...." So I
do think that some scientist would say, "Let's do a controlled experiment,
let one in a non-necessary area develop more and see if we can talk with

Actually, they do seem to develop speech as they go along, wouldn't it be
interesting to ask one of them what it was trying to do?

NEW from JRJ> Well, the Chernobyl disaster was caused by scientists
disabling the safety mechanisms to run a test, without telling the ops
people about it, so they had no idea how to correct when things went wrong
(IIRC).  Never underestimate the stupidity of somebody who has been allowed
to believe that they know more than everybody else.  The scientific
community needs collaboration so it can sit on outliers, but only after
hearing them out just in case they have some validity.  Sometimes it's
pretty clear, though - - that's a BAD idea.

Entwife Judy
The Skiffy Minded

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