[LMB] BD: TSK: Beguilement: ch 10 - "Dag Stories"

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 18 15:49:52 BST 2011

> From: mtraber251 <mtraber251 at earthlink.net>
> I could see some of the more malicious ones trying to encourage severe 
> depression and abandonment anxieties in Fawn when he rides off on patrol 
> the next time. Heck, even he and Fawn were a bit worried about what 
> would happen to her when he rode off, if she would have a 'support 
> system' to give her a hand.
> I could really see Cumba sending off waves to make her depressed and 
> feel abandoned to try and drive her back to her family. She was a 
> malicious bitch.

I don't think Dag even imagined that anyone would misuse that kind of 
power that way. And if they tried it, when he was away, there's still
Cattagus and Sarri, and others in that camp. I can't imagine Cattagus
not noticing, or allowing it to happen.

And, honestly, I can't imagine Dar doing it either, even though I think 
he's a poor excuse for a family member. Cumbia is spiteful enough, 
and has a massive sense of entitlement, but she probably wouldn't 
want to risk her standing in camp if she was caught. Everyone else 
backed off and let Tent Redwing sort itself out.

Dag was certainly optimistic about it all, but they did have to at least
try and see if it'd work, before they made other plans.  		 	   		  

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