[LMB] BD: TSK: Beguilement: ch 10 - "Dag Stories"

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 17:17:40 BST 2011

> Gwynne:
> I don't think Dag even imagined that anyone would misuse that kind of
> power that way. And if they tried it, when he was away, there's still
> Cattagus and Sarri, and others in that camp. I can't imagine Cattagus
> not noticing, or allowing it to happen.

Well, there's a question there.  Patrollers generally have very low
sensitivity compared to makers.  Dag notes later that when he was
young, he didn't see ground reinforcements as more than fuzzy blobs.
(roughly, in Passage while trying to understand beguilement)

> And, honestly, I can't imagine Dar doing it either, even though I think
> he's a poor excuse for a family member. Cumbia is spiteful enough,
> and has a massive sense of entitlement, but she probably wouldn't
> want to risk her standing in camp if she was caught. Everyone else
> backed off and let Tent Redwing sort itself out.
> Dag was certainly optimistic about it all, but they did have to at least
> try and see if it'd work, before they made other plans.

Yes, that's true.  It's the obvious thing to try -- you get married
and your life goes on as similarly as possible.  In a real sense, he's
running up against the basic assumptions of life.  (That's just how
it's always done, how could it be wrong?)  As he claims later, he
considers his eyes to be newly-opened at the end of Legacy.  It's time
to find out what's right, now that he's seen so much of what's wrong.

Karen Hunt

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