[LMB] A horrible thought

Thad Coons tocoons at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 07:28:12 BST 2011

Gwynne Powell wrote:

> >* > Go back, go right back, and I hate to say this, but....
> *>* >
> *>* > Sunny Sawman saved the world.
> *>*
> *
> And yes, I did deliberately build up to the crowning line. I was just
> having fun
> with the post. And the readers, of course. I LOVE that ewwwwww reaction
> from most people.
> But... it is sorta kinda true....

It wasn't directly or by intention. One might as well credit the malice
mudwolves killed Kauneo and cost Dag his arm with saving the world, using a
similar chain of consequences, which might (as has been pointed out in
Fawn's case) have turned out differently if circumstances had been different
or Dag had acted differently than he did. What Fawn did with the situation
she put herself into (yes, with Sunny's assistance, no parthenogenesis)
does not turn his self-centered loutishness into world-saving kind of

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