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> Subject: [LMB]  Protagonists, round one, fight! (was BD: TSK: Cumbia)
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> Tel writes:
>> I suspect a number of Lois's protagonists would show just as poorly or
>> worse if they had a determined Fawn challenging the more unpleasant
>> parts of their cultural programming.
> Oh, that's an interesting notion.
> Fawn vs. Aral -- that has distinct possibilities to make the poor fellow
> squirm.
> But that's not really a fair fight, since we know that Barrayar has some
> nasty
> cultural programming left over from the Time of Isolation.
> Fawn vs. Cordelia -- ...I'm not sure if there'd be much there to squabble
> over.
> If anything, it'd be one of those cases where if they happened to be pointing
> in the same direction, the rest of the <s>world</s> universe should duck
> for cover. _Possibly_ Fawn would/would've been of the opinion that if
> Cordelia wanted daughters, then they should've had 'em, and flipped off
> everyone else who would've realized that there actually _was_ the potential
> for a "non-mutie" son. (Although that might've been too hard for Aral to
> manage -- to show faith in his firstborn under the pressure of the truth,
> that Betan tech _could_ overcome soltoxin/soltoxin antidote poisoning.)
> Fawn vs. Gregor -- Gregor tosses Fawn to Miles with a panicked "YOU handle
> this!" (Depending on the timing of such an impossible meeting, there might
> be UST going on, and the flavor of it, in my head, leads me to think that,
> in some ways, Dag is very much like _Gregor_! Remember to change the
> Subject heading for discussing that, if it happens. O:> )
> Fawn vs. Miles -- Another case of the universe going, "RUN AWAY!", methinks.
> Forward Momentum + Question Everything... I suppose that Miles might get
> mildly miffed if it turned out that Question Everything exposed a clever
> solution
> that Forward Momentum had overlooked...
> Fawn vs. the Five Gods -- ...hmmm. Interesting questions there. Who'd
> take especial interest in her? Her out-of-season (so to speak) pregnancy
> started things, so our favorite meddler-god might look kindly on her.
> The Mother is obvious. So, I think, is the Daughter? Even _as_ a mother,
> Fawn is all about new beginnings; she's a very Spring sort of person in
> that way.
> Anyone else for digging up cultural programming clashes?
> --Beth

Somehow I think your comparing Apples and Oranges here
Miles, Gregor, Cordelia and Aral deal in Systems - a Couple of Orders
of Magnitude greater then Fawn...

Perhaps you should view Fawn in context of Ivan, Jin,Harra or Caz...


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