[LMB] BD: TSK: Legacy, some things don't change (chapters 15 and 16)

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 00:38:06 BST 2011

>> > Dag sacrifices his left hand a second time. Not many people get a
>> > chance to do that...
>> He gives, and gives, and it's never good enough. Not just for certain
>> others, but by his own standards, too. He finally does change, Fawn
>> helps him break away from that kind of thinking.

Oh, yes.

>> > Fawn has performed the great heroic deed that's supposed to get her
>> > accepted now. (That's how these plots go, isn't it?)
> Plots, yes.  But this is a universe where the world just keeps on
> going after the Great Heroic Deed.  It's good that _a_ malice has
> been stopped, but there will always be another one, and another,
> and another, and the fight must go on until the end.  So you can't
> allow any one malice to change your behavior that much.

Hadn't quite thought of that dynamic in this context.  You're right --
that probably is one reason why they won't accept her.  Heroism isn't
some one big wonderful thing to celebrate, it's day-to-day life to
these people.  (Not that they won't throw parties for their heroes,
but the next day you walk your share just the same....)

> (Unless you understand what it means that certain things have
> changed... which is what Dag is cogitating about during much
> of this period.)

And which is what his people seem to go out of their way *not* to understand.

Karen Hunt

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