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Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
Wed Aug 10 06:59:07 BST 2011

I've wondered for years what results of studies on teens in other cultures 
might show. And I hadn;t realized that the sample sizes for the "research" 
regarding teens were so small, and the research so flawed....

The pernicious influence of film and TV--there are Pacific islands where 
anorexia and bulimia and otherwise underweight undernourished teenaged girls 
were unknown until the arrive of TV and films--particularly seem to slide by 
without actual active studies done, as opposed to "there was a strong 
correlation noticed of a rise in teenage problems/troubles with the 
introduction and presence of TV and movies to a culture" but not field work 
involving interviews and observations of actual people and charting of 
content watched versus attitudes and behaviors....  the research in the USA 
regarding psychological effects of fplaying different types of games with 
different levels of content and of watching different types of TV and movie 
content tend to be controversial for a number of reasons, including if 
tendencies nd beliefs aexisted before watching/playing and predisposed 
people to the content, or whether watching/playing induced the tendencies 
and beliefs, or whether there is are positive feedback loops involves--and 
how does peer pressure and advertising promotions affect that?  And there it 
gets into the area of commercial/social/political because of large amounts 
of revenue involved....  video and computer games involve more money in the 
USA then the film industry....

I wonder if it might not be the entertainment industry, particular AV 
entertainment, which would be most likely to engender a Jackson's Whole-type 

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[LMB] OT: Teenage Rebellion...
Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
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On Aug 9, 2011, at 5:27 PM, Elizabeth McCoy wrote:

> I found it interesting.
> --Beth, who could try to tie this into Miles (who didn't rebel, really;
> that army was _not_ a rebellion, Sire!), but can't think of more than a
> possibly-witty one-liner at the moment.

It is interesting.   One note - culture makes a huge difference - even
with changes that can be biological.

LMB:This is square-on to what I have long thought about these issues.

It makes me so dubious to watch what the author so rightly calls the
"infantilization" of young people.

Ta, L. 

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